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fish cakes, rice noodles, Thailand shrimp cakes, moon cakes, sandwich biscuit, snack bar(chocolate bar with almond), rice burger, taro balls, doughnut, pearl tapioca, seaweed with almond, pork floss, popcorns, sticky rice balls( Mochi), salad, glutinous rice balls(bilo bilo),pasta, Indonesian Banana Fritters (Gedang goreng), sausage, salami, hot dog, Pork intestine thin noodles, Pork thick soup, Stinky tofu, Taiwanese meat ball, fried noodles(chow mein), fried rice, glutinous oil rice, sandwiches...etc.,teen99


japaan xxx,rice noodles forming machines, forming machine for Thailand shrimp cake, almond coating machine, bean paste mixer, flavoring machine, mixing machine, riceball forming machine, mochi forming machine, single-side battering machine, stir-frying machine, bowl cutter, multi function cutter(intestine cutter), , and tofu cutter and tofu frying machine, oil filter...etc.

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